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November News

It's tomato season again and we are back peeling tomatoes and making our fresh Tomato Relish. Make sure you stock up now for your Summer BBQ's. Mango Chutney is back in stock now too and there are 2 new flavours out  - Pear & Ginger Jam and Lime Pickle.There's a Christmas pack now available online - one each of the Cranberry & Port Sauce and Apple & Brandy Chutney, that has Christmas all wrapped up to go with your roasted turkey and pork. Not to mention a lovely little present for family, friends and teachers.

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October News

I know no-one really wants to think about Christmas in October. But since couriers and our postal service are swamped already - imagine what's it's going to be like come December. And I've already had lots of requests for Christmas products, so here it is!

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September News

It's so nice to finally see Spring in Melbourne. I am enjoying seeing the new seasonal vegetables start to appear at the shops and will be making good use of them all in our pickles, relishes, chutneys and savoury jams. I'll be making carrot jam, beetroot relish, onion jam and some sweet chilli jam with the slightly milder chillies out now. 

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August News

It's marmalade season and I am busy hand cutting seville oranges to make the years supply of Gentleman's marmalade. Surprisingly, it's becoming hard to source enough seville oranges as they seem to be 'out of fashion'. Well if my customers are anything to go by, the farmers don't have their facts straight! I can't make enough of this BatchMade favourite made with seville oranges, sugar and whisky.  These are the type of oranges prized for making British orange marmalade and keeping Paddington sated. 

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July News

I couldn't be more disappointed at our situation now in ISO 2.0 but I wanted to reach out and say we're all in this together. These are my new favourite words of wisdom by Rainer Maria Rilke: let everything happen to youbeauty and terrorjust keep goingno feeling is final I received a box of this interesting new (for us) citrus this month - the limequat - a combination of lime and cumquat. Eatable raw, skins and all, it's a little sour and preserves well. So I've made a lime pickle and a marmalade - which is a less bitter milder marmalade than I usually make and the kids are loving it. 

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