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10 ways to enjoy my beetroot relish

Hello jam friends,

Do you love my earthy beetroot relish with hints of pepper, orange and horseradish, but need some inspiration on how to enjoy it? 

Here's some ideas from some of my jam friends on how to relish beetroot relish (pun intended).

  • add to a poke bowl (see pic) with brown rice, quinoa, edamame beans, asparagus, avocado, grilled tuna, and Japanese mayo.
  • serve on a cracker or rye bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
  • spread on your Sunday night burger bun - who doesn't like Aussie's favourite veggie in your hamburger 'with the lot'.
  • make up cute and tasty hors d'oeuvres - tart shells or crackers with goats cheese, beetroot relish and a few sprigs of dill.
  • add to a salad plate for an extra yummy lunch with spinach, canned salmon, olives, tomatoes, cooked beans, hard boiled eggs, avocado and pickled onions. Drizzle with your favourite salad dressing. 
  • make up a ploughman's platter with slices of leftover cold roast beef, Mersey Valley sharp and crumbly cheese, carrot sticks, hot salami, hard boiled eggs, baby radishes, pickles and a bowl of beetroot relish. Serve with a crunchy baguette. 
  • on a cheese board (emphasis on cheese and beetroot - what a combination!)
  • in your favourite salad sandwich
  • brunch with poached eggs, smashed avo, lemon, dukkah and beetroot relish on sourdough toast
  • use as a condiment with BBQ steak, pork sausages or your favourite lamb chops. My onion jam would be great here too!


And if you need more ideas to tickle your tastebuds, Amanda suggests adding it to a recipe by Dom In the Kitchen - Beetroot red onion and goats cheese upside down tart. She's added beetroot relish on top of the cooked beetroot and it tastes a treat. 

Here's her photos. Thank you Amanda for sharing this great idea. 

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