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Winter relish
tomato relish close up
winter relish (tomato)

winter relish (tomato)

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Enjoy our winter relish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my house, it is strictly rationed otherwise it’s eaten directly out of the jar! Serve with scrambled eggs or your weekend BBQ. I like it best spread on toasted cheese sandwiches. 

Sometimes we forget, but tomatoes aren’t in season all year long. In winter, when tomatoes no longer taste like tomatoes, we use crushed Australian grown tomatoes – the Roma variety that has been processed in the peak of Summer to capture that amazing sun grown taste. We call this our Winter Relish so that you know why there is a slight variation in flavour and colour.

It’s the same recipe you know and love.

The original Tomato Relish will be back in late October when we start to see fresh tomatoes tasting and smelling like tomatoes again.

Ingredients: crushed tomato (tomato, mineral salt (509), acidity regulator (330)), onion, vinegar, sugar, salt and spices. 340gms or 1000gms